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Hosted by — 💥MCGChatroom💥 on JULY 12 2021

Guests : Crypto Shaman(founder) and Theo | Lord Gravity(CTO)

Host : Vishveshwara


Vishveshwara : Hello Chat , Welcome to this special AMA session with OMNIA DEFI. We have @Raki_Brown and @Theo_LordGravity from Omni Defi team. Please welcome them

Theo | Lord Gravity: Hi everyone👋

Crypto Shaman : Hey guys😊 ✌️

Vishveshwara : Hello Sir, welcome to our community🙏.

Before we start our first segment, please introduce yourself to our community? @Raki_Brown @Theo_LordGravity .

Crypto Shaman: My name is Raki Brown and I’m the founder of Omnia DeFi and Createlinx. I’ve been involved in robotics and also been in the crypto world for at least 4 years. I think all the time about how to improve and develop societal and economic systems, I’m Danish so was hoping we could have won the European cup in football but Italy ran off with the victory.😲

Theo | Lord Gravity: Hey everyone. I am Théo Richard and I have joined the blockchain world in summer 2018. I am eager to bring my contribution to this space and more largely to make people more independent.Done

Vishveshwara: 😉 Italians played well too

Crypto Shaman: Yea they did,Both teams did.Done

Vishveshwara: Yes Sir,That was Impressive.Let’s start our Today’s Session with few basic questions about the project.

Theo | Lord Gravity: Sure, let’s go!

Vishveshwara: Q1. Can you briefly describe what is OMNIA DEFI to your Chat?

Theo | Lord Gravity: Omnia DeFi in short aims to become the Nr1 real world assets tradable index. There are $280.6 trillion worth of real estate alone to tokenise. We will after full regulatory approval tokenise real world assets and provide 49% of the value of those as tokens to the public. Those are called OATs (Omnia Asset Tokens). After that we create OSC (Omnia Stable Coin) that will be pegged to the dollar and supported by pooled OATs. First though we have the $OMNIA Token presale which is a utility and exchange token providing a set of exciting features well known to the crypto community, like staking and yield farming. $OMNIA will be tied to the business model directly via the longterm burn mechanism. For every asset onboarded there will be a fee, 50% of the profits from that fee will be used for buybacks of $OMNIA to be permanently burned. The better we are at tokenising and automating that process, the quicker and more aggressive the burn.

Vishveshwara: That’s sounds very Interesting.Let’s Go to next Question

2. What is Unique about Omnia Defi and what advantages do you have when compared to similar projects?

Crypto Shaman: $500 million in real estate and art committed to the project A three token system, assets turned into NFTs and then fractionalised into OATs and that then as a pool for OSC. (Read lite paper for more info We have a phenomenal and public team We are putting 1million AR tokens on the Moon for collection in 2030

Omnia DeFi operates on 3 layers. Top layer is technical like you see with a lot of token projects, but they lack regulatory approval and connection to the outside financial world. 2nd is the finance layer which are often doing STOs etc. They deal in securities and derivatives, pitying that on the blockchain is easy for them. We deal also in layer 3 which is on the ground relationships with real world asset holders and getting them onboarded + automating that process. This will be essential if we want to win the race to the top… which we do.

Vishveshwara: Impressive 😊

RaGreen: Yes indeed years of Hard work

Vishveshwara: Let’s move to Next Question.

Q3 From how long Omnia defi team is Working on this Project and What is the your Ultimate Goal?

Crypto Shaman: We have been working 2 years plus as a team and our ultimate goal is to become the biggest platform for tokenising real world assets, there are more than $300 Trillion worth of those so plenty to do. We want to facilitate open and fair access to wealth creation and generally accelerate the velocity of money (which makes everyone richer). Come and say hi to the team .

Vishveshwara: It’s A 300 trillion Dollar Industry 😲

Crypto Shaman: Yea it’s crazy.It’s like trying to wake up a giant.That will in the end serve us all better.Done

Vishveshwara: Tokenisation of Real world assets is the need of the Hour for all.

Crypto Shaman: Really is.More general liquidity and higher velocity of money which directly translates into higher standards of living

Vishveshwara: It may take long but Tokenisation has to win 😊

Crypto Shaman: It will start slow but can then move very very quick.

Vishveshwara: It only takes 2 or 3 more years for people to wake up.

Crypto Shaman: Right now the best opportunities are only for those with lots of money, we want to change that.Agreed

Vishveshwara: Great👏.Let’s move on to Next Question sir !

Crypto Shaman:Go!!!

Vishveshwara: Can you Shed some light on Staking and Farming offered by OMNIA DEFI which encourages Long term holders?Please take your time sir. We are in no Hurry!!✌️

Theo | Lord Gravity: Alright thanks for the reminder 😉.

To encourage long term holder we have set up a staking APY of 80% and multiple farming vault as follow: — 24h: 100 $OMNIA/month — 1 week: 900 $OMNIA/month — 1 month: 6,500 $OMNIA/month — 2 months: 17,500 $OMNIA/month — 4 months: 80,000 $OMNIA/month There are 2,350,000 $OMNIA dedicated to staking and farming rewards. This will be available on public listing date: 22nd of August.done

Vishveshwara: That’s Wonderful. First of all OMNIA DEFI is a Wonderful project with Real world Use case and Staking and Farming will only make users Accumulate more and more $OMNIA. Last question from My side and then we go on to our Twitter Questions

You have very interesting Token Burn and Vesting Schedule. Please Explain it to our Community?

Theo | Lord Gravity: Indeed we also need to have strong buying pressure for $OMNIA

Vishveshwara: Our Community is All set to buy $OMNIA. I don’t see a reason not to buy #omnia tokens.

Theo | Lord Gravity: On our coming tokenisation platform when an asset owner go through the tokenisation process they will have to pay a 1% fee or £500 minimum. The half of this will be used to buy back and burn $OMNIA. This means $OMNIA is linked to our tokenisation efficiency: the more we tokenise, the more we burn.

About the vesting schedule, buyers from round 1 will be able to claim 3%/day and buyers from round 2 will be able to claim 5%/day from their purchase.

Funds reserved for development, marketing, core team & advisors we will locked as follow:

Core team: 1,350,000 — locked for 15 months, 90,000 released/month

Development: 1,725,000 — locked for 7 months, 250,000 released/month

Marketing: 1,000,000 — locked for 6.5 months, 150,000 released/month

‍ Advisors & giveaway: 300,000 — locked for 4 months, 75,000 released/month Obviously the liquidity (LP tokens) will also be locked: 33% of LP tokens will be locked 4 months 33% of LP tokens will be locked 8 months 33% of LP tokens will be locked for 1 year If we do not need liquidity for cross-chain compatibility we will relock the liquidity for 4 more months. More details in this article:

Theo | Lord Gravity: Lots of data but you can find everything in the article above 😉

Vishveshwara: That’s amazing Tokeneconomics and token Buring plan.

Now let’s go to SEGMENT 2. You need to answer 5 best Questions from Our Twitter Community.

Theo | Lord Gravity: Sure let’s go! 😊

Vishveshwara: The goal of OMNIA is to tokenize all real-world assets and more. That’s fantastic. Is it, nevertheless, conceivable to tokenize all real-world assets without obtaining government approval? We are familiar with countries, including large ones such as CHINA. (By Alison)

Crypto Shaman: Great question!.

We will adhere to all governmental regulations and will also petition for changes where it’s needed in various countries. In Wyoming in the US we are trying to help push for better regulations. In any case Omnia Asset Tokens (OATs) are only sold after full regulatory approval from Denmark which covers many initial jurisdictions. We started with the UK but they are too slow, Denmark is much quicker. Once fully regulated which should be soon after the presale is over and we are listed, the. OATs will be made available to most countries. In countries where we can’t make them available for sale due to local bans we will work with activists and government + top level influencers to shift things in the right direction. One thing we can do is suggest infrastructure projects to be funded via our platform for example, we may have some potential interest on that from two countries but we will see.

Vishveshwara: Omnia Defi team surely has been working around to get Govt approval. 👍

Ok let’s move on.

2. Omnia Defi is all in one Project solving the problem of paper backed Crypto Currency and High Inflation. What are the Measures you have to taken to ensure the system is Hack proof. Do you have plans to audit code from 3rd party Certifiers.(by cryptoguruin).

Theo | Lord Gravity: To ensure the system is hack proof we will do audits from multiple third parties from big name in the industry such as Blockchain Consillium, Hacken, OpenZeppelin and so on. Our token has already been audited by Blockchain Consillium:

Due to the importance of security we have a Cybersecurity lead (Mike ADE) that verifies all our system to ensure maximal security. Not only our smart contracts will be secured and verified but all our internal system!


Vishveshwara: Wonderful,Let’s go to our 3rd question.

3. From website I found that It is now possible to create fractionalised co-ownership tokens for any asset. I mean does any asset also represent non crypto asset land,car,bike,Paper,pencil Or it means only for assets in crypto If noncrypto asset u mention can u give example pls(By Kowshik)

Theo | Lord Gravity:

Vishveshwara: After 12th July, Will Price of Omnia will increase?

Crypto Shaman: Yes, will go up to $3.43,So better to buy now.Now is $1.50

RaGreen: R2 is 3.43 per #omnia . It’s a good buy now 😊

Crypto Shaman: It is actually only real world assets we focus on, not digital assets as such. So yes, things like land and high value art. To start with we only accept items valued at $10k or above, later we will lower that threshold but needs to stay high to start so we endure the best quality items to tokenise and mint tokens on. We won’t be tokenising things like digital art, others can do that better than us and honestly I’m not that interested in it, I like the real world there are $280 trillion worth of real estate to tokenise, that’s over 70% of all the wealth in the world and it’s just sitting there doing nothing. We want to activate it and bring it into the economy, allow people all over the world to buy into anything, allow for true opportunities and flow. Going to be a wild ride.

Vishveshwara: Let’s move on to 4 th question.

Investment barriers might be exceedingly high in the traditional financial industry. How can you lower the investment threshold with the $OMNIA approach to tokenisation, allowing even tiny retail investors to diversify their portfolios and enter exclusive areas that were(From Nisansala)

Theo | Lord Gravity: First of all we are not allowed to use the word investment until after full regulatory approval as that denotes something rather specific. What I can say though, is that the tokenised assets, OATs can be bought for as little as you like, just like normal crypto, you can buy 0.00001% of a famous painting or building. we want to make it as easy and natural as possible. Our app will have a swiping feature like Tinder where you can go through the catalogue of different assets and buy or sell tokens in any that you like.


Vishveshwara: Last Question from Twitter !!

Vishveshwara: 1. With Omnia DeFi, can someone tokenise to gain liquidity or buy into any asset worldwide? 2. Is there plans from @Omnia_DeFi bringing #NFT in Omnia_Defi 3. When is @Omnia_Defi OATs will be created?

(From Emmanuel Ramsey)

Crypto Shaman: 1. Yes, that asset will need to be a high value asset above $10k but some things can be bundled, we aim for best quality assets and also always ensure good KYC, KYA and AML. We are globally orientated and have a focus on India, Africa, America (once we are allowed there) and Europe. Anyone who want to put us in touch with big projects is welcome to and we are also looking to form partnerships. 2. When the piece is first tokenised it is actually an NFT and the owner can sell it as such, it’s after that the NFT gets fractionalised into 100 OATs per piece. The owner keeps 51 (locked up) and control and can sell 49 to the public. 3. OATs will created after full regulatory approval and we are expecting that to be done by Q4 the OATs platform is going to be great and we invite you all to test it and give us feedback when we come nearer the time.


Vishveshwara: Now let’s Move on to our Last Segment to answer Questions from our Telegram Community.

The Chat will be open for 60s to send your questions





Vishveshwara: Plese take your Time to select 5 best questions

Suma Phd: What pIans do you have to educate: raise awareness and appIy in the community to make more peopIe understand about your project and its technoIogy? How to get more attention from peopIe?

Crypto Shaman: We are very keen on education and especially financial literacy in education. In fact our CIO Janie Dam is an educator and believes strongly in this cause. We will hopefully be announcing a partnership with a very well known name in the space. We also have a separate company that we will be developing next year called iLYCEUM which is all about AI, Big Data and Education, keep tuned :)

Ra Green: Answer all the Questions which is important. @Theo_LordGravity @Raki_Brown

Aparichith : 2. what are the ways that #OmniaDeFi generates profits/revenue to maintain #OmniaDeFi project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and #OmniaDeFi?

Theo | Lord Gravity: Our revenue model is based on tokenisation fees and trading fees. It is a win win in the way that people can tokenise their asset while keeping ownership and gaining liquidity while Omnia get tokenisation fees. Moreover, it will also benefits to $OMNIA holders as we will buy back and burn OMNIA with 50% of tokenisation fees.

Jesika Akther: Last year we have seen many projects made a good startup but suddenly abandoned because they didn’t get enough revenue. How can we be sure that you won’t abandon the project even the revenue is low at start?

Crypto Shaman: We have a 30 year project time line which we call Mundus Novus 2050. We have been working for around 2 years with zero funding and have amassed an impressive commitment of $500 million real world assets ready for tokenisation. We have a 15 months vesting period for the core team and we know it will be an insane amount of hard work and dedication to reach our goals and we are ready for that. Our team is public and honestly? We are not children and are not running off anywhere, we are following through to get the results we want to see.

RaGreen: Omg we have so many Questions

Vishveshwara: Yup Many Retail Investors 💪. last 2 questions to go.

crazy guy: Explain staking and farming in Omnia Defi?

Theo | Lord Gravity: Yes we have a staking and farming program that will open on listing date: 22nd of August There are no requirements only unstaking fees: 5% for staking and 2% for farming.

Theo | Lord Gravity: yup there a lot of questions! Though we love questions

RaGreen: We love your Enthusiasm.

F.Rabbi: Your foundation idea is very new project , so it takes a lot of formula and takes a long time to develop. This must have a tricky point for you? Do you have agree that the strength of the community will lead your project to grow globally?

Crypto Shaman: 100% agree!!! Community is everything! We invite you to ours It’s what makes us different to many other more finance focused organisations is that we have been community focused from the start. The only way this is going to work is if we bond together towards a common goal with the right incentive structure for everyone. We want to party!!! If and when we start making a success of this I can guarantee there will be some serious get together and some amazing parties. I used to live in Glastonbury which hosts one of the biggest festivals, there will be good times. Also we are developing Createlinx which is a collaboration platform for Industry 4.0 we have some innovative collaboration models in there we can’t wait to share.

Crypto Shaman: Done 😊✌️

Vishveshwara: That’s Great sir.Please share Round 1 $OMNIA buy link One more time.

Theo | Lord Gravity:

Vishveshwara: Thank you @Raki_Brown @Theo_LordGravity.

Thanks for all the Crypto Enthusiasts who attended our #Ama with OMNIA DEFI. Thank you for spending your valuable time with us. Winners will be announced soon on our Channel @MCGannChannel

Crypto Shaman: Thank you for having us and sorry to those questions we didn’t have time for. Been an absolute pleasure! You have a great community in here.

Theo | Lord Gravity: Thank you for the AMA and thank you everyone for your participation!

Crypto Shaman: Thanks, love supporting good AMA groups too. There are a lot of bots out there but felt at home here so thanks again

Theo | Lord Gravity: Dont forget to join our TG btw.

Vishveshwara: Thank you sir, MCG (Non profit group)we will strive hard to Bring Good Projects to our community.

Chat is Open Now.



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