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Dated: 18th July

Guest : Mike(founder)

Host: Vishveshwara

Raphael Arinze: Mike are you start our Today’s AMA

Mike Don Crypto: I am ready

Vishveshwara: Dear Community no need to Panic. You are not banned.Chat is muted in preparation for #AMA with PERFECT JOE 👋

Raphael Arinze: Ok let’s start already

Raphael Arinze: Hello 👋, Welcome to MCG Chatroom. Today we will have a Special AMA session with PERFECT JOE Finance.

Mike Don Crypto: Hello, nice to be here

Raphael Arinze: Chat please welcome @mike from PERFECT JOE

Mike Don Crypto:👋👋

Raphael Arinze: Stay tuned guys we gonna be back in a few moments…

Ra Green: chat take a 10min break. Some technical issues. 😊

Vishveshwara:MCG Community sorry for the Delay. Let’s resume our #ama. This is our first Finance related project. I’m sure our chat is also very excited about PERFECT JOE

Before We proceed please remember to type “DONE” after completing each Question.

Mike Don Crypto: All right

Vishveshwara:Can you Please Introduce yourself to our Community and Share your background & and why the name PERFECT JOE?

Mike Don Crypto: sure, first of all: Glad to be here.

My name is Mike and I am the founder of Perfect Joe. Perfect Joe was not always Perfect, he used to be the Average Joe.But the transformation seduced $PJOE unimagined powers.Perfect Joe is not only a currency but also a character. That’s why his name is PJOE.

Mike Don Crypto: Done

Vishveshwara: I will start with some Basic Questions about the project 🙂

Vishveshwara: 1. Can you briefly describe what is PERFECT JOE Finance to our MCG Community? We would like to know more about it.

Mike Don Crypto: PJOE was born from the idea of passive income.There are really enough tokens and coins on the market now with really very smart technologies and elaborate functions. Each project wants to outdo the other with even smarter solutions.We focus on something else, we want passive income. To create a token that is interesting for traders as well as for HODLER.
What started as an experiment has caught on so well that we don’t have to hide. Through the sophisticated but simple tokenomics we manage a steady growth. We are developing our PJOE in a very special direction that does not yet exist.Our token becomes a source of income and entertainment at the same time.In our case, the token itself becomes the entertainment.(What I mean by this is still a surprise.) In the planning is a whole ecosystem, which also includes farming and staking.

The first staking round already starts today on
Staking is part of our token distribution.

Farming will also play a role in the future. From the 25.7 also on TosDis… more farms will be added… Maybe even an own one, who knows who knows…?!



Vishveshwara: Let’s move on to our next question.

Vishveshwara: 2. What are your main features that distinguish your project from other Finance projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Mike Don Crypto: what certainly sets us apart is our community share program;You can create a reflink on
(to get the link you have to connect your wallet and generate the link)
We will register all visits to the homepage generated by your reflinks. It is enough that people open and view our site. Every 2 weeks we will raffle 33K $PJOE among the 5 best shillers.

Our token differs mainly in one main field. PJOE is not just a token… PJOE is a character. You will get to know PJOE better and learn his story. He will tell you why he is here to fill your wallets. We would like to create a story with continuation. To take a new path between Entertainment and Financials…. Dare to do something new and be very creative.

The first episode will be released soon, where we will learn how Joe became Perfect Joe, so stay tuned… It’s important to us that we stay exciting and offer the investors not only a chance but also entertainment… The longer someone stays with us, the more he profits… We think long term, which is also proven by our 5 year liquidity lock…


Mike Don Crypto: DONE

Ra Green: excellent answer @MikeMoneyToo86

Mike Don Crypto:Thank you

Vishveshwara: That’s neatly Explained 👍

Vishveshwara: Lets move on to our 3rd question fast

Mike Don Crypto: Please

Vishveshwara: 3. Can you please breakdown Tokeneconomics, Staking and Burning Mechanisms of your project to our community?

Mike Don Crypto: Our token has a deflationary structure. 3% goes to the tokenhodler and 2% to the LP on PCS… So far this is nothing new, however ihjr surely notice that the fee that is deducted is only 5%…. This is very little for a deflationary token and therefore interesting for traders, even for daytraders.

In this respect we encourage to trade the token, which in turn affects the HODLER. In 5 days since we are on the market, the HODLER already have about 2% more $PJOE on their wallets. Price increase aside, Building the LP creates a good price floor for PJOE. The automatic LP is the foundation of Perfect Joe $PJOE. Here we have a feature that is a twofold beneficial implementation for holders.


Neatly Explained 👍

Raphael Arinze: Neatly Explained 👍Brilliant.

Vishveshwara: Last Go to our Last question

Mike Don Crypto: another important function of $PJOE are the manual burns.
Sometimes burns are important, sometimes they are not. A continuous burn on a log can be nice for the first few days, but means that the burn cannot be limited or controlled in any way. When burns are controlled by the team and encouraged depending on success, it helps to reward and inform the community. Manual burn conditions and amounts can be promoted and tracked. Burns are always decided by the community….

This actually brings us to the most important point:
All decisions are well elicited and presented to the community, we function like direct democracy in Switzerland, THE COMMUNITY determines which path we take….

The staking is part of our token distribution and should guarantee a fair distribution, besides you make yourself interesting for new people…

Mike Don Crypto: DONE

Vishveshwara: 4. How many members are there in your Team? Do you have any plans to expand?

Mike Don Crypto: Currently we are 4 team members and we will surely need more…

I am the founder, community manager, dev, moderator, actually the girl for everything. I am a longtime crypto enthusiast and have probably done everything there is to do in this environment. Without cryptos I wouldn’t be the man I am now. I learned everything auto didactically and was allowed to work or lead in different projects.

Ben makes our homepage and everything technical around it. He has many years of experience in modeling applications, softwares and solutions. A very talented IT man with an enormous urge for solutions. He understands exactly what you want to realize and without big speeches he fulfills everything to the fullest satisfaction. You don’t mess with Ben either, he is our Viking in the round.

Our third in the group is Sunny, a very creative soul who is actually an author, but also creates NFT art and goes new ways for her. She creates the story around Joe and soon you will know what I mean. I am really looking forward to the first episode, which will finally be presented as a cartoon. She also moderates our Twitter account.

The fourth team member is the community, and actually the most important. Nothing is decided without asking the community. PJOE only has a soul if it is fed by the community. We are so far a small but, I guarantee you, a damn strong and loyal community. We are all in it for the long haul.

I am proud of our team and consider them extremely valuable…
we don’t have it easy in this scam saturated buisness . We will go a long way I am convinced…


Vishveshwara: Nice Sir 👍 ✌️

Vishveshwara: Now let’s start our 2nd Segment. we need to answer questions from Twitter Community.

Mike Don Crypto: sure

Vishveshwara: 1. Community plays an important role in success of every platform? What are your plans to reward them and how do you plan encourage long term Holders.

Ra Green: take your time @MikeMoneyToo86

Mike Don Crypto: We are just community based, the community is the most important part our our project. We always have an surprise for them… actually you can join our community share dividend

Vishveshwara: done?

Mike Don Crypto: DONE

Vishveshwara: Ok let’s go to our 2nd question

Vishveshwara: 2. What are the Staking Pool pairs at $PJOE?I love STAKING and will always be interested in Stakin . What are the Staking Pool pairs at $PJOE?I love STAKING and will always be interested in Staking where investors can earn passive income,so what are the Staking Pool pairs at $PJOE?What makes your Staking ecosystem more appealing to investors and Staking connoisseurs like myself?

Mike Don Crypto: Yes we love staking and farming too, it will always be a part of our concept. You can find the first farming on The pair will be PJOE/BNB.

Mike Don Crypto: More TBA

Mike Don Crypto: DONE

Vishveshwara: Excellent 👌

Vishveshwara: Let’s move on to our 3rd Question

Vishveshwara: 3. Being a Finteach company, you should are much aware of recent exploits that happend in @Burgerswap .Is your Code audited from any 3rd party company, are you talking any measures to ensure to maintain the platform is hackproof? By CryptoGuruIn

Mike Don Crypto: We dont have an audit so far. We have an verified and secure Contract. We have good Technicians to stay safe for everyone and for the Project. We work every day on our Project..


Vishveshwara: Perfect. Yes if you have good Technicians there is no need for Audit 👍

Vishveshwara: Let’s go to our 4th question

Vishveshwara: 4. Is perfect joe finance going to seal some partnerships in the near future and also be listed in top exchanges like binance and huobi ?
And what are the fundamentals of perfect joe finance , is it going to have it’s own hardware wallet and Blockchain? By Noni

Mike Don Crypto: You think big, we do that too. Partnerships will certainly follow, we are already in talks, I can not reveal more. We love the decentralized area, currently we see no advantage to be listed on a CEX. But this could change.

by the way no project is allowed to talk about a Binance listing


Vishveshwara: Yes Binance cex is huge market. But it has price. High listing fee. I hate huge listing fees too.

Vishveshwara: Let’s take our last question from Twitter.

Mike Don Crypto: sure…

Vishveshwara: 5. What are your key priorities for 2021, and could you share any of your plans for the year ahead? Which aspect of the project are you now concentrating on and why? How many unique characteristics does your project have that set it apart from the competition?

Mike Don Crypto: We have a lot of little targets to reach, we think longterm but not too far. For this year we like to reach a 1 Mio MarketCap and a nice Community Base. We are creating the story around PJOE…More farms will be added, partnerships will be formed, and more community programs will be launched.


Vishveshwara: Perfect Joe is one of the best Projects. I’m sure 1 million is going to be easy👌

Mike Don Crypto: thank you, iam sure we will.

📌Now we are in The Last Segment of our PERFECT JOE #AMA

Telegram Questions

🔥Rules : Anti Bot Code 99999, below each Question is Complusory. No Need to Panic you will get 60s to send your Question. Don’t club more than 2 questions and no Tagging. Copied Questions will not be rewarded.

🚨 Please don’t repeat and Spam MCG Chatroom. We may decide to ban you for that.





Vishveshwara: I’m sure everyone sent their questions 🙂

Vishveshwara: @MikeMoneyToo86 select best 5 questions

Ra Green: Please take your time to answer all questions that are important.

Vishveshwara: Min 5 questions, then you free to answer any question that Concerns you. Leave no Doubt to community.

Mike Don Crypto: What was the original idea of creating this project? Did you manage to carry out all your plans so far? and What was the biggest struggle on your way? (by Christine Sparrow)

The IDEe is based on the current token market, everyone wants to bring the best project but no one is convinced. We created a character that provides passive income at the same time. However, through our Simple Tokenomics we convince in the market. The biggest Struggles remained so far without.

Vishveshwara: Go on please answer all your questions @MikeMoneyToo86 . Take your time, no need to hurry.

Vishveshwara: Last 3 to Go 🤟

Vishveshwara: 2.What are some of the major achievements that Your Project has achieved and What milestones are planned ahead in the next 6 months, 1 year and 5 years?(By Phillip Carl).

Mike Don Crypto: So far our biggest success was reaching 100K Market cap was the biggest milestone so far, more will follow. In 3 months we see ourselves at 1 to 2 million market cap. In 6 years we want to see the price well above 3 dollars.

Vishveshwara: why Perfect Joe? Does perfect joe mean something special to you? Maybe a family member’s name or something like Favourite person?99999 (BY Nisansala)

Mike Don Crypto: PEFERCT JOE significates the average „JOE“ who transformed in perfection. We like to create the PERFECT CURRENCY

Vishveshwara: Last 2 to Go💪

Vishveshwara: 4. Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space? (by Craig Watkins)

Mike Don Crypto: Here we are building a bridge, as we are creating a story that makes the token interesting for people outside the crypto space, I am convinced to pioneer here. Entertainment Passive Income, that doesn’t exist in this form yet. We want to combine fun and profit, but remain serious.

Vishveshwara: 5.okey burning is beneficial for any project to control performance and prevent inflation. Does your great project plan to burn tokens?

Mike Don Crypto : Sometimes burns are important, sometimes they are not. A continuous burn on a log can be nice in the early days, however it means that the burn cannot be limited or controlled in any way. When burns are controlled by the team and promoted based on success, it helps reward and inform the community. Manual burn conditions and quantities can be promoted and tracked. Burns are always decided by the community. $PJOE aims to implement a burn strategy that is useful and rewarding in the long run for those who engage.

Vishveshwara: Ok that’s 5 questions. Please see if you wanna Answer more.

Mike Don Crypto: This one seems important too.

Dear Sir!? Tell Me
Which do you think is more important:

A. Community
B. Investors
C. Token Price by ELON MUSK

If all of the above is important to you, which should come first?
Optimistic about your answer. I hope you will answer me

Mike Don Crypto :For us sure is Community comes First….

Mike Don Crypto: DOne

Vishveshwara: Yes very nice✌️

Vishveshwara: Well done @MikeMoneyToo86

Mike Don Crypto: Thank you very much. Very good Questions.

Vishveshwara: I think it’s time to end. Share your last words with Community and share your PancakeSwap link to buy $PJOE tokens.

Mike Don Crypto: Thank you veryy much for your Time. Hope i see you all soon as $PJOE HODLER

Vishveshwara: Yes I have already bought some $PJOE .I want you to come back again and again to MCG to inform about all your latest achievements

Mike Don Crypto: For sure i will… Thank you @Vishveshwaraa & @RaGreen

Ra Green: Thanks 😊 @MikeMoneyToo86

Vishveshwara: Yes it’s time to end our AMA. We thank all Crypto Enthusiasts who attended our Full #ama. Perfect Joe is an Wonderful platform with very attractive Staking and Burning Mechanism.

Go and Grab your Share before it further moons.😉

Vishveshwara: Chat will be opened 🙏